Motherhood, Redefined: Episode 2: The Birth of A Mother with Dr. Alexandra Sacks

The Birth of a Mother with Dr Alexandra Sacks


Episode 2

In this episode I speak with Dr Alexandra Sacks about the Rite of Passage to Motherhood, also known as Matrescence.

Dr Sacks is the leading expert on “Matrescence,” the transition to motherhood that is as demanding and transformative as adolescence. She is known for popularising the concept in her TED talk with over 1.4 million views, and in her article “The Birth of a Mother,” the number one most read piece of 2017 for the New York Times “Well Family” section, where she is a regular contributor. Her work has been featured in TIME, NPR, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe.

We explore:

  • What is Matrescence?

  • How to prepare for Matrescence

  • How it differs from Postnatal Depression

  • Breastfeeding Trauma

  • Mother Self Care

  • Being a “good enough” mother

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Dr Alexandra Sacks: Website // Instagram

Book: What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

Alexandra Sacks M.D.TED Talk

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