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Supporting Businesses to Enable their Working Mothers to Thrive at Home and at Work

A one of a kind, innovative maternity package that not only benefits, supports and nurtures mothers in the workplace and in motherhood, but also enables businesses to enhance their reputation as a progressive, forward thinking employer whilst also reaping economic advantages.

What are the business benefits of supporting the Mother?

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  • Retain great employees

  • Attract the best talent

  • Reduce recruitment & training costs

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Enhance productivity

  • Create a diverse workforce

  • Increase employee loyalty & commitment

  • Have the reputation as an excellent employer

Become an employer of choice.

Maternity x Wellbeing’s corporate objective is to enable businesses to support their mother workforce to thrive at work and at home by helping them embed a practical and cost effective maternity program, which will meet all the birth, motherhood and return to work needs of their female employees, creating a balanced and inclusive workforce, and in turn, impacting positively on their bottom line.

Being a culture that is inclusive of working mothers represents a significant challenge for companies today - 56% of working mothers say finding work-life balance is “very” difficult and only 42% of women believe that it is possible to meet their work/care needs and the needs of their children, resulting in a stressed out, under-performing workforce.

With 64% of SME employers not expecting their mothers to return to work, it’s evident supporting the wellbeing of the mother workforce is vital for business success.

How Maternity x Wellbeing enables you to support your mother workforce and your business.

Maria, the founder of Maternity X Wellbeing, has supported hundreds of women through birth, motherhood and reintegration into the workplace and she knows what they want and need from this journey in order to feel supported and happy as a mother and to feel engaged and fulfilled as an employee. She also knows what their employers can do to stand behind them and give them the support they need to have a good balance between work and family life and reach their highest potential - the key to business success.

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  • Providing insight and coaching around pregnancy and the build up to motherhood, allowing women to feel nurtured and supported during a vulnerable time, enabling them to feel happier at work whilst being pregnant.

  • Empowering women and their birth partners to have positive births leading to better recovery, an easier transition to motherhood and a happier return to the workplace.

  • Supporting women in creating a work/life balance that suits them allowing them to feel inspired by their return to work.

  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, and equal opportunities for all.

  • Reducing bias and pregnancy discrimination.

The Maternity x Wellbeing Package

Each quarter the package includes:

  • 1 Day Expectant Mother Coaching Workshop

    An in-person, in-house, full day workshop delivered to all expectant mothers within the company during that quarter. This coaching package enables women to forward plan pregnancy and motherhood, allowing them to have a much more positive and focused pregnancy at work.

  • 1 Day Mother Return to Work Workshop

    An in-person, in-house, full day workshop delivered to all mothers returning to or about to return to work that quarter. This workshop consists of coaching practices enabling women to gain greater confidence in their work/life balance, increasing job satisfaction and productivity.

  • The Conscious Birth Course

    A one of a kind, online antenatal course which supports women and their partners through birth, enabling them to have positive and empowered birth experiences, leading to a better post-natal period. All expectant mothers in the company that year have a years access to the course.

  • Mother Empowerment Coaching Course

    An innovative online course devised to educate and support mothers whilst on maternity leave. This course 'mothers the mother'; helps her connect to her new identity and supports her in her life after birth. All expectant mothers in the company that year have a years access to the course.


Benefits for Employers

  • Enhanced reputation and ability to attract the best talent as an employer of choice.

  • Increased retention of talented employees resulting in decreased turnover and training costs.

  • Increased engagement and increased productivity in workforce, pre and post leave.

  • Ongoing development of the female talent pipeline.

  • Minimising legal risks of potential discrimination against working mothers.

Benefits for Mothers

  • Supported and nurtured journey to motherhood.

  • Feeling included, engaged, valued and supported in finding the right balance between family and work, which maximises performance

  • Competence and confidence at home and in the workplace.

  • A support network in your organisation.

  • Clarity and career progression.

  • Less stress, more motivation.

  • A more balanced and fulfilling life.


Who is Maria Banobre?

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Maria Banobre (BA (hons) Dip) is a Mother, a Conscious Birth Coach, NLP Performance Life Coach, and Postpartum Doula. Maria began Maternity Coaching after the birth of her first child. Before falling pregnant, she was a successful Empowerment Coach for Women and she’d also had a long career as a Television Director spanning over a decade.

Her own, not-so-empowering experience of birth and early motherhood, led her to realise that being a mother as well as a modern day career woman was difficult to balance, so she has made it her life’s work to support and empower women through her informative and innovative courses and workshops, in their modern day, motherhood journey.

Maria’s insights have been featured in Stylist magazine, The Debrief, Women’s Health Magazine and The Headspace Podcast.

Maria’s qualifications include:

  • Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP

  • Diploma in Hypnobirthing (KGHypnobirthing)

  • Younique Postnatal Doula Preparation Course

  • NCT Parents in Mind Peer Supporter

  • Paediatric First Aid Training

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