Over the years I have had the most beautiful praise from my clients. I wanted to share some of them here, so you can get a better idea of what it is like to work with me.

Maria, thank you so much for all your wisdom, support and kindness during our pregnancy. We have loved your sessions and gained so much confidence from all your positivity - we’re going to do our very best to keep your relaxing voice in our minds at all times! Much love Rachel and Rob
— Rachel + Rob // Hypnobirthing Clients
I had a traumatic and prolonged birth with my first daughter and decided to give hypnobirthing a go even though I was a bit sceptical. Maria was absolutely brilliant, gently pushing me to do my reading and regular meditations to prepare for a less anxious second time round. Her approach is the prefect mix of hypnobirthing theory and practice plus gentle coaching to work through any individual fears. My second labour was very fast. Even though second babies tend to come faster, I’m 100% convinced that the hypnobirthing kept me calm and helped me through a much gentler second birth. Thank you, Maria!
— Susanne // Hypnobirthing Client
When my partner and I decided to have children the one thing that intimidated me was the actual birth process, until I met Maria. She really shifted my view of it from something “painful” and uncomfortable to actually empowering. I was then convinced I could and would have a natural birth. As life goes, my “birth plan” didn’t go to plan at all, as loads of complications occurred in the weeks running up to my due date, so much so that I had to get induced 3 weeks early. So although I was not able to give birth naturally the mindset, breathing and practice I did with Maria got me through a sweep, ballon, water being broken and drip. I got a really good understanding of what my body would be going through and how it is actually build to give birth which in return gave me a load of confidence and calmness when the time came. This is no voodoo, airy fairy thing, its applying facts, logic and embracing nature to empower you to bring life (corny I know but TRUE! :))
— Adrianna // Hypnobirthing Client
...I found Maria to be very professional yet personal and from the initial contact I knew I was in safe hands...I listened to Maria’s meditation in the run up to birth and whilst I was in labour. I honestly don’t think I could have stayed focused and in the zone if it wasn’t for her. I gave birth at home after 5 hours of labour, with just gas and air and Maria’s guiding words. It was the perfect hypnobirth. I owe a lot to her and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
— Leah // Hypnobirthing Client
I had several life coaching sessions with Maria and the outcome has been fantastic.
Maria is extremely open and approachable, making you feel at ease from get go. The exercises that we did together really made me look at things in a new light and assess life differently, all positively. We set realistic goals, and goals that I probably would not have set on my own, or even knew I needed.
After the sessions I felt so much more positive and happy within myself and I genuinely believe that the work I did with Maria was a big factor towards this.
I have recommended Maria to several friends, who also found sessions helpful and have seen positive results.
— Sancha Markson // Coaching + Reiki Client

Maria’s ease, knowledge and confidence really helped empower me to believe that I could have the birth that I wished for. Before doing her course I was terrified of birth, but now I realise it was because I had no idea what to expect. I know now how mu body will perform during labour and what I need to do to work with it and my baby. I’m actually excited for the day I go into labour! Thank you Maria x
— Anna // Hypnobirthing Client
I have been working with Maria for over a month now and she has helped me in so many ways – I have a strategy in place to reach my goals which used to seem like impossible dreams but now feel utterly achievable. Maria was warm and non-judgmental and made me look at my life in a way I hadn’t before. I would highly recommend Maria and the life coaching process to anyone looking to get out of a rut and grab their dreams by the horns.
— Sarah Speirs // Coaching + Reiki Client

I went to see Maria at a time in my life when I was feeling a little lost and unsure what direction to take both in my career and personal life. Maria’s advice as a life coach was invaluable and I will always be extremely grateful.
Maria helped me to evaluate my life; what I wanted, what made me happy and the reasons why. She doesn’t give you the answers but helps you come to them by yourself. This helped me to make some important decisions and also equipped me with techniques that I know I can use again in the future.
I would highly recommend Maria to anyone I know.
— Gemma Burns // Coaching Client
My four sessions with Maria were very helpful. Firstly because it was great to be able to articulate my work/career worries to an independent person with out judgement. But most importantly Maria helped me to look at my life/career and work out what I wanted and where I wanted to go.
The life coaching sessions were great for breaking down and compartmentalising my problems, worries and goals so I could understand them more easily.
Often people’s stress or concerns are knotted up inside their head and Maria was brilliant in helping to untie those knots and make sense of it all.
— Paddy Hughes // Coaching Client
I knew nothing about life coaching before I spoke to Maria. She’s helped me look at my life in a different way and approach fears I’ve been hiding from for years. I’m approaching things differently now, in particular my finances and rather than being petrified I’m looking forward to saving!
— Nicole Taylor // Coaching Client
Having my first Reiki session with Maria Banobre was uplifting, relaxing, insightful and effective almost instantly. Maria is gentle, intuitive, open and warm and guided me wonderfully throughout the session. I was relaxed as soon as my head hit the couch. If you want to open yourself up to feeling together as one, centered and clear, then Maria’s Reiki session is for you. I left with a spring in my step and a sense of lightness within my body ready for the day, here and now.

Thank you!
— Monica Chouhan // Reiki Client
My understanding of life coaching improved with the sessions I had, I took part in a number of insightful exercises, and had an active role tackling and resolving issues. I found the experience really helpful.
I learned more about myself, and about ways to confront and conquer my insecurities and gain more self-confidence.
Maria put me at ease, and helped me to look at things from a different angle and gain valuable understanding from that.
— John // Coaching Client
At first I was rather apprehensive about Life Coaching. I had no understanding of the process and did not necessarily want to be committing to what I thought was going to be counselling. All these concerns were quickly dispelled after Maria explained everything to me in the introduction session and I became excited at the prospect of Life Coaching moving me forward in certain areas my life.
Every session with Maria I learned to think differently, take a different perspective and question myself, finding positive answers which have surprised me.
Maria also introduced me to NLP which I have embraced as a wonderful tool in the steps I take towards the goals I have set myself in this process.
I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Maria, she has helped me find my way to new confidence, to embrace situations which previously I would have hidden from and be excited about what I am capable of making happen in my future.
— Martha // Coaching Client
A year ago I went to Maria’s ‘Resolutions’ workshop and it opened my eyes to what I needed to do for my mind, body and soul and how to be honest but not too hard on myself. What really helped was being there amongst other like minded ladies which made it easier for everyone to open up without fear.
A week later I went to Maria’s ‘Love’ workshop and exactly 2 months to the day after the session I fell in love!!! I just needed to know what to ask for and how, and get over the final self love hurdle.
I can’t thank Maria enough for helping me to open up and to believe it could and should happen for me.
I for one am very grateful Maria has clearly found her calling!!
— Stacey Cohen // Coaching + Reiki Client