The Expectant Mother’s Coaching Workshop

Stepping into motherhood is one of the most wonderful, yet demanding times a woman can go through.  

As soon as a woman becomes pregnant everything begins to change; her body, her hormones, her emotions, and even her brain begins to re-wire to make way for the demands of motherhood.  

This can leave her feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and worried; negatively impacting on her time at work.

Nearly 70% of our clients stated that the pressure of the unknown, when it came to pregnancy and motherhood, left them feeling anxious and stressed in their day to day.

By educating and supporting mothers-to-be on their pregnancy and motherhood journey we can impact their wellbeing for the better in their work and home life.

The Expectant Mothers Coaching Workshop has been specially devised to provide mental, emotional and physical support and well-being to pregnant women allowing them to have a more comfortable pregnancy and informed journey to motherhood.

What the Workshop Will Include:


Using coaching and NLP techniques women will work through any emotions and anxieties that are coming up about being pregnant and becoming a mother. 


Nutritional, physical and holistic knowledge to support nausea, fatigue and other ailments that can affect a woman in pregnancy, making sure she’s feeling the best she can.


Identify what it will mean to become a mother and plan how it will fit around life as a working woman.


Exploring ways that a baby can impact relationships and implementing practices to support open communication.


Connecting pregnant women in the workplace so they have a like-minded community providing them with with support whilst in the workplace on their pregnancy journey.


Understand what care is available once you’ve given birth, in order to support an easier journey to motherhood.