The Expectant Mother’s Coaching Program

 A woman’s journey into motherhood is one of the most sacred and beautiful journeys that she will have. The transformation begins in pregnancy, and after the first throes of joy and elation have subsided, we can often feel overwhelmed and even anxious about the arrival of our new baby.

What will I be like as a Mother? How will I feel? What should I do? How do I look after a baby?

Often we prepare for birth and labour, and we buy all the material objects we need for the baby once they are born but we forget to think about life after birth, and how it will affect us in a physical, mental and emotional way and it is this that is often the most overwhelming part of becoming a Mother.

The Benefits of The Expectant Mother’s Coaching Program

  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT We will work through any emotions and anxieties that are coming up about the arrival of your baby.

  • IDENTITY Identify what it means for you to become a Mother and how you would like to feel as a Woman and Mother.

  • PRACTICAL TIPS What looking after a newborn means and practical tips for sleep, feeding and caring for a newborn baby.

  • WELLBEING Learn ways to look after your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing as a pregnant Mother and beyond.

  • EXPLORATION We can delve into your relationship with your parents in order to heal any worries and anxieties about your own journey to parenthood.

  • HEALING Often when we become Mothers stories from our past come up to be healed. It’s nature’s way of preparing us to be at our best once baby arrives.

  • SUPPORT The importance of building a support network so you have help once the baby arrives. Who can help you and in which way?

  • RELATIONSHIP Exploring ways that a baby can impact the relationship with your partner and putting in practices to support open communication.

  • KNOWLEDGE Learn ways you can aid your healing post-birth with nutritional + nurturing food advice and holistic practices such as vaginal steaming, pelvic floor care, closing the bones ceremonies, belly binding and more.

  • POSTNATAL PRACTITIONERS Understand what care is available out there for you once you’ve given birth.

  • READING LIST Specially curated for you reading list to support you in learning as much about the Motherhood journey as you can.

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Modern day society has lost the art of wise woman story telling and this is how we would have gained our knowledge about the Rite of Passage into Motherhood in times gone by. Modern day life also means that many women have moved away from the communities they were born into and so they are often lacking the support and nurture they so desperately need when they take that first step into Motherhood. 

These are just some of the reasons some women experience difficulties when journeying to Motherhood.

The Expectant Mother's Coaching Program is the antidote to that. It helps you to feel supported, empowered and ready to become the best Mother you can be.

I am a fully qualified Postpartum Doula, an Empowerment Coach for Women, as well as a mental health peer supporter for Mothers trained by NCT, so this program is a fully rounded support and nurture program, helping Mothers-to-Be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What the Program Includes

The Expectant Mother’s Coaching Program is held over 8 sessions on a 1 to 1 basis, either in person or online.

Each session is 60 minutes long and held every 2 weeks.

Session 1 is a deep delve into you, and where you would like to see yourself after the 8 sessions have been completed. From here I am able to tailor a bespoke program suiting you and your needs.

As well as my experience as a Mother and Postpartum Doula, I use extensive coaching techniques, NLP tools, mindfulness, meditation and powerful energy work to help you shift blocks, plan action and feel inspired, empowered and motivated to step into your role as Mother


  • 8 x 60 minute coaching sessions in person or online.

  • Bespoke practices for you to do at home to complement the work we do in our sessions.

  • Bespoke guided meditations to help you to connect to your sense of self and knowing to promote personal empowerment.

  • A specially created reading list to help reinforce the work we do in our sessions.

  • Unlimited emails with me throughout the program.

Are you ready to begin your journey to empowered Motherhood?