what the program includes:

Upon deciding to work with one another, we will devise a care plan specific to you and your family's needs. Ideally, I like to have at least (one) 2 hr session with the expecting mama before the baby arrives to troubleshoot any pre-birth issues + get organised for the postpartum period.

Mother Care

  • Emotional support - allowing mother space to process birth story, to talk about any anxieties or feelings that may be coming up during this transition into motherhood.

  • Breastfeeding basics: positions, latch, lactation advice, breast pump guidance, breastmilk storage advice.

  • Bottle/formula feeding advice.

  • Looking after baby so mother can bath / rest.

  • Assisting mother to heal phyically post-birth with homemade sitz baths + recommended aromatherapy oils.

  • Daily meditations.

  • Nutritional + nurturing food to promote post-natal healing.

  • Light cleaning + tidying to support family.

  • Support + care for older siblings.

  • Information on natural remedies for mother + baby – signposting on to other practitioners.

  • Reiki (available at extra cost)

Baby Care

Early parenting guidance and care of baby – ‘understanding their newborn’, signposting + sharing knowledge + information from evidence based sources:

  • Baby sleep

  • Washing

  • Nappies

  • Soothing

  • Development

  • Parenting styles

  • Getting baby into a ‘routine’ – what kind of routine would mother like? Understanding newborn behaviour/cues through observation so that she can predict some rhythms. Explaining the ‘routines’ that are out there so she can explore ideas.

  • Guidance on babywearing.( ie: slings + carriers)

  • Bathing/washing – baby skincare

  • Guidance on products she might find useful

PostNatal Doula Packages

All package hours are designed to be spread across the first 40 days (6 weeks) post-birth with each session being a minimum of 3 hours.

New Moon - 20 hours of care
Full Moon - 35 hours of care
Golden Moon - 50 hours of care  


£25 per hour.                 

Postnatal care starts within 24-48 hours after birth. Upon meeting, we will design a specific care plan just for you.