This 5 day immersion is aimed at supporting expectant mothers who want to prepare for a calm, confident and safe birthing experience.

Join the video series and begin to trust and connect with your mind, body, baby and soul for a truly transformational birth.

It’s time to learn a new way to birth.

One which is filled with trust, love and faith that you are born to do one of the most magical acts the human body can perform.

This 5 day free live video series will guide you through effective and safe birth preparation in an empowering, conscious and intuitive way, by teaching you techniques and knowledge that have been lost during the medicalisation of birth.

Imagine if you could:

  • Understand how to avoid unnecessary medical intervention and have as natural birth as possible.

  • Trust your body and your ability to birth.

  • Feel safe and supported about the safety of you and your baby.

  • Take control of your birth process by accessing your deep inner knowing and intuition.

  • Transform any fears and feel confident about birth.

  • Connect deeply to your body and your baby.

  • Understand the role of your mind and work with it to ensure a positive birth.

  • Understand and prepare for birth as a sacred rite of passage.

  • Feel completely relaxed and confident about the birth of your baby.

  • Feel excited about your birth experience.

You don’t need to imagine, you can feel all these things!

Join me on the FREE 5 DAY LIVE VIDEO SERIES and let’s start to prepare for your empowered birth experience.


 Hi I’m Maria…

I’m a mother and a birth educator passionate about bringing safe, calm, and positive birth experiences to all expectant mothers.

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Birth as it’s mean’t to be.

I’m a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner, doula, empowerment birth coach, and Reiki Master and I have brought my skills, training and even my own birth experience together to create a truly transformative way of preparing for birth.

For me, everything begins at birth, and the way a new baby and a new mother are born can shape not only the rest of their lives, but society as a whole.

It’s my life’s work to support you in having the best birth experience possible.

I can’t wait to get started.


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 How Does It Work?

The video series will take place in a private birth community over 5 days, in which you’ll be able to join exclusive LIVE trainings with Maria, starting Monday 16th September 8pm (UK time)

Can't join the live sessions? Don't worry, you will also have access to the replays to catch up. 

AND if you sign up now you’ll get free bonus videos straight to your inbox!

 What My Clients Say…

I had the most positive VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) experience at home and we don’t think we could of done this without doing Maria’s birth course. Maria is down to earth and so supportive. She has this crazy down to earth vibe that makes you feel like your speaking to a really good friend...On the day of labour, I had Maria (recorded voice) playing on my speakers at home sending me good vibes and strength. I trusted my body (as advised in the course) and with three pushes my baby was delivered.

My husband was skeptical before the course but after, he was totally on board. Our birthing experience is an example of how powerful and essential The Conscious Birth Course is.

Big thank you Maria- We don’t know how we could of done it without you!
— Rachel + Mo
Maria, thank you so much for all your wisdom, support and kindness during our pregnancy. We have loved your sessions and gained so much confidence from all your positivity - we’re going to do our very best to keep your relaxing voice in our minds at all times! 
— Rachel + Rob
…I was so excited when I found out about Maria’s conscious birth course as it ticked all of the boxes in terms of a holistic antenatal course that my parter and I were looking for in preparation for the birth of our first child…Not only does Maria bring a huge amount of knowledge, she is also incredibly passionate about birth, conscious parenting, and empowering women along the way. This really came through with every interaction we had with her…I would 100% recommend Maria’s conscious birth course.
— Amy + Ollie