The Ultimate Positive Birthing Experience

The Conscious Birth Course ©  has been designed to empower Women to trust their bodies and the birth process so they can have natural, calm, connected and confident birth experiences.

By combining ancient wisdom with a modern understanding of birth and adding powerful, practical techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and NLP to relax and aid fear release, the Conscious Birth Course has paved the way for a truly one of a kind, empowering birth experience.

This course is a remembrance that YOU ARE BORN TO BIRTH.

It enables you to connect deeply to what is happening mentally, emotionally and physically in your body, as well as also supporting you in connecting to your innate sense of birthing knowledge and power which you hold within.

If you are looking for a course that is going to empower you in natural birth, as well as give you a full understanding of birth as a sacred act and rite of passage, then this is the course for you.


Module One (Just for You)

  • What is Conscious Birth?

  • The History of Birth and why it's shrouded in fear.

  • Birth as a Rite of Passage.

    Module Two (Just for You)

  • The Power of the Mind and Birth.

  • Words and Language in Birth.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation in Birth.

    Module Three (Just for You)

  • An Exploration of Fear.

  • Understanding how YOU feel about Birth.

  • Practices to Reframe the Mind.

  • Practices to Remove Fear.

    Module Four (Just for You)

  • The Body in Birth (the Physiology of Birth).

  • Connecting to and Trusting your Body.

  • Birthing Positions.

  • Connecting to your Baby.

  • The Breath, the Body and Birth.

    Module 5 (You and Your Partner)

  • Ways and Places you can Give Birth

  • The Practical Process of Birth/ The Stages of Birth.

  • The Role of the Birth Partner within Birth.

  • Empowering the Birth Partner.

    Module 6 (You and Your Partner)

  • Intervention in Birth.

  • Knowing your Options and Choices in Birth.

  • Setting Boundaries.

  • The Importance of more than One Birth Plan + Creating your Birth Plan.

The Benefits of The Conscious Birth Course ©

  • EMPOWERMENT You will have a deep understanding of how your mind + body work during labour, enabling you to feel more in control + empowered.

  • CONNECTION Deep connection to your unborn baby + renewed connection to the abilities of your body + the scared act of birth.

  • REDUCED PAIN You are likely to experience a more comfortable and sometimes pain free birth as you will understand how the body works + how it creates the sensations that you feel during labour.

  • FEAR RELEASE Any worries and concerns about labour + birth will be released using powerful NLP techniques + through full understanding of the process of birth.

  • TRUST You will learn how to trust your baby, your body + your innate knowing during birth.

  • SHORTER LABOUR Length of labour is often much shorter when you learn how to work with nature + your body.

  • NATURAL BIRTH Less drugs and medical intervention will be necessary as the mother will have a connected knowing of what her body and baby need.

  • RELAXED BABY Your baby will arrive into a serene and relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond with you as nature intended.

  • QUICKER RECOVERY Mothers often bounce back quicker after a Conscious birth experience, as the physical, mental and emotional impact of giving birth is reduced.

  • BIRTH PARTNER EMPOWERMENT Your birth partner will learn how to support you + have a central and active role in the birth, meaning better bonding with baby immediately. A truly shared and loving experience.

  • KNOWLEDGE Learn all you can about various outcomes of birth so you are prepared for every eventuality.

...I found Maria to be very professional yet personal and from the initial contact I knew I was in safe hands...I listened to Maria’s meditation in the run up to birth and whilst I was in labour. I honestly don’t think I could have stayed focused and in the zone if it wasn’t for her. I gave birth at home after 5 hours of labour, with just gas and air and Maria’s guiding words. It was the perfect hypnobirth. I owe a lot to her and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
— Leah + Justin
Maria, thank you so much for all your wisdom, support and kindness during our pregnancy. We have loved your sessions and gained so much confidence from your knowledge and positivity, we’re going to do our best to keep your relaxing voice in our minds at all times.
— Rachel + Rob
I had the most positive birth experience at home and we don’t think we could of done this without going to Maria’s course. Maria is down to earth and so supportive. She has this crazy down to earth vibe that makes you feel like your speaking to a really good friend...We had an exhilarating labour that one could only dream of. On the day of labour, I had Maria (recorded voice) playing on my speakers at home sending me good vibes and strength. I trusted my body (as advised in the course) and with three pushes baby was delivered...Big thank you Maria- We don’t know how we could of done it without you!
— Rachel + Mo


 Hi, I’m Maria, and I am your Conscious Birth Coach.

I’m so happy you are here and you are preparing for an empowered birth.

I am a fully trained Hypnobirthing practitioner trained by the UK's No.1 Hypnobirthing Teacher, Katherine Graves + KGHypnobirthing.

The course is accredited by The Royal College of Midwives.

I am also a qualified NLP Empowerment Life Coach, Postnatal Doula and Reiki Master.

I combine my knowledge, skills and experience to provide a full spectrum antenatal coaching course that allows you to tune into your mind, body, baby and intuition for a truly transformational birth experience.

My own experience of birth and motherhood has also impacted the creation of this course and how I support women during this truly special and little known about time in their lives. I have first hand experience of birth in it’s many guises and I am honoured to hold space and to support you through your own.

In my opinion, birth and motherhood isn’t given the kudos and depth of meaning it deserves in our modern day society, and that is in some way why many women struggle with the transition.

It’s not meant to be that way.

Birth is a truly magical experience and I’ve made it my life’s work to empower and educate women to know that it isn’t something to be feared, but wholeheartedly embraced.

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What The Course Includes

The Conscious Birth Course © is a full holistic, antenatal course that includes Hypnobirthing practices, NLP techniques, mindfulness and meditation practices. No other antenatal course is needed.

  • A copy of The Conscious Birth Course © PDF Handbook.

  • Specially recorded meditations, scripts + affirmations.

  • Sessions are recorded and sent to you to keep and refer back to as and when you need.

  • And most importantly my commitment BEFORE, DURING + AFTER birth.  My support doesn’t end once the course does.

How The Course Is Delivered

The Conscious Birth Course © is delivered in 6, 1.5/2 hour sessions, over 6 weeks. They are private, one-to-one sessions tailored especially for you.

The sessions are held over zoom calls which are recorded and sent to you to keep and go back to time and time again.


The Conscious Birth Course © is priced at £1111 for 6 sessions.

I have a price plan where you can spread the cost over several payments.