Preparing for Birth: How do you FEEL about Birth?

What do you know about birth and how does that make you feel?

Continuing on with my Conscious Birth Series today there’s a powerful practical exercise to get you clear on all of your subconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings about birth, to help you clear anything that could hinder a smooth and natural birth process.

Our mind is a powerful tool that controls how our body responds to thoughts so by removing as much “perceived” threat as possible then we are paving the way to have an empowered and smooth birth.

Write down everything you’ve ever been told or heard about birth from your mother, relatives, friends, peers, books, tv, culture and society, birth stories or just little nuggets of information.

Have someone read it all back to you and process how it all makes you feel.
Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or fearful make a nite to explore and educate or reframe.

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