What is Conscious Birth?

What is Conscious Birth?

Understanding the history of birth and where the false notion that “birth is dangerous” has come from.

Connecting to birth as a ritual and a rite of passage.

An exploration of “the self” as part of birth preparation.

Connecting to the truth of how you want to birth.

Tuning into your innate birthing capabilities.

Learning how energy moves through the body during birth.

Feeling safe enough to open energetically and physically to allow you baby to birth

Understanding the physiology of how your body births your baby.

Understanding how your subconscious mind has an effect on your body.

Reframing birth as an empowering and amazing experience.

Connecting to stories and wisdom passed down through generations of women supporting women in birth.

Trust that you are born to birth and that you and your baby will join forces to do it together.

In short, it’s the ONLY WAY TO BIRTH.

Who is with me?

How does conscious birthing sound to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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