Who is Calm Mutha?

A few weeks back Megan from Move Like A Mutha got in contact about doing an on camera interview about me and my business for her blog.

After the initial dreaded thoughts of "No one wants to hear me blithering on", "How will I come across?" and "How embarrassing, what will people think of me?" subsided, I realised that it was time that I did what I've been encouraging my clients to do for years. 

It was high time that I STEPPED INTO MY POWER. Time I shed a little light on something that I'm not only really proud of but that I'm immensely passionate about.

It's not easy taking those first steps into motherhood and at the same time dedicating yourself to launching a new business.

In fact, it's down right challenging, and not many people in their right mind would do it.

But I did.

The outcome is that I've created a business that supports and nurtures pregnant women and mothers. A resource that is unfortunately very much needed.

I wish my job was actually made redundant. That we lived in a world where this kind of support wasn't lacking, but, unfortunately that's not the case, so until huge changes are made in the pre and post-natal worlds I will continue to do the work I love and I will continue to support the future of our society.

The way I see it, better care for mothers, means a better start in life for the next generation.

Who's with me?

Megan and I talked empowered birth, how women can feel more nurtured and supported during the 4th trimester and how coaching can help mothers avoid the inevitable identity crisis once they've had a baby.

Enjoy the video and please don't hesitate to comment and share.

All the love,

M ❤️