Are you ready to transform your mind, connect to your body & baby, and trust in the innate power of birth?

This Birth Empowerment bundle is your next-level birth preparation tool.

You’ve researched birth, you’ve read some books and you may have even taken an antenatal or Hypnobirhting course BUT you still feel like something is missing?

Then THIS is the birth preparation course for you!

Using these 5 video trainings you can start to trust and believe that YOU ARE BORN TO BIRTH!

In my years of experience as a Hypnobirthing practitioner, birth empowerment coach and postnatal doula the most important thing I have learnt is that most women, no matter how much practical preparation they do for birth, still don’t truly believe that they can have the safe, calm and confident birth they desire.


Because for centuries we’ve been falsely led to believe that birth is something to be feared and which is something that is out of our control and only safely achievable if there is medical intervention.


The truth is that Mother Nature made women perfectly capable of growing, carrying and birthing their babies and in this training I empower you to not only believe this, but to take this belief with you into birth so you can have the truly magical experience of birth that you deserve.


After watching these videos you will feel:

>> Sublimely connected to your body, your baby and your ability to birth like a powerful woman.

>> Empowered and ready for the day you go into labour.

>> Confident that your body can birth your baby safely and naturally.

>> Excited about the process of birth.

>> Happy that you’ve uncovered the secret recipe for having an empowered birth.

>> Calm and relaxed about all the things that can happen in birth, and prepared that you have all your options and choices covered.

You will learn:

>> How you perceive birth and how this is currently stopping you from having the birth you desire.

>> How birth has been presented to us in a negative way and how the truth of the history of birth tells a much more empowering story.

>> How to change your mindset around birth so you can feel excited, confident and ready for birth.

>> What your body does in birth and how best to work with it.

>> The best positions for birth.

>> The best way to breath for a calm birth.

>> About birth as a Rite of Passage and how this knowledge not only prepares you for birth but for motherhood too!

>> How to tune into your intuition and how it’s essential for birth and motherhood.

>> All about your options and choices when it comes to birth.

>> How to create and hold strong boundaries in birth and understand that you can say “No” to anything that you don’t want. Your body. Your baby. Your birth.

This is a truly empowering birth preparation bundle that will take you from fear to fierce knowing that you can have the safe, calm and confident birth you desire.