Hi I'm Maria.

I’m a Conscious Birth Coach, Intuitive Empowerment NLP Life Coach, Postpartum Doula and the founder and creator of Calm Mutha.

Thank you for joining me here in my home, I’m so happy to have you!

I created Calm Mutha after the birth of my first child. My own, not-so-empowering experience of birth and early Motherhood, led me to realise that it was my life’s work to

empower women on their Motherhood journey.

Before falling pregnant, I was a successful Empowerment Coach for Women, I’d also had a long career as a Television Director in a previous life, so, even though in my everyday I was confident and I seemed to have it all together, Motherhood was a gigantic step into the unknown for me.

I now realise, that it is for almost all women. The irony being, many of us think we’re alone in how we feel, and end up struggling through by ourselves, and in silence.

That was me.

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I went from being someone who had words of encouragement and empowerment for herself and her clients on the daily, to someone who had become disempowered by birth, leading to a loss in confidence, an inability to see her strengths and how she was a good mother and I began to struggle with emotions that were coming up about my own childhood and life experiences.

Surely, this wasn’t the way Motherhood was supposed to feel?

I now know that having a child brings up everything that needs to be looked at and dealt with in our lives.

Our children are our biggest teachers.

Reaching a point where I knew I had to do something, I threw myself into exploring and learning all that I could about the journey to Motherhood. I read every book, saw countless experts speak, took courses and really delved into understanding my own experiences via therapy and healing.

What did I learn?

Motherhood is a journey through complex, deep emotional, mental, physical and spiritual shifts.

Profound shifts that are never talked about in the daily conversations around Motherhood. No wonder most Women are left questioning who they are and what they are capable of when they cross over to the other side.

From that moment on, it was clear to me what my calling was, and why I had gone through so much myself; to support and empower Women right from the start of their Motherhood journey so they feel ready to step confidently into their role as Mothers.

And so, Calm Mutha was born.

Calm Mutha is a service that provides space for exploration, understanding and empowerment. A place where Mothers and Mothers-To-Be can begin to unashamedly connect to who they are and what they are capable of, because being Women, in our essence means we are powerful beyond belief.

We have an inexplicable, innate power.

The power that creates and births life.

So to me, it’s unforgivable that we aren’t walking into pregnancy, birth and Motherhood feeling confident and as though we are born to do this, because, quite frankly, we are.

In fact it’s the only thing we are innately born to do.

Calm Mutha’s main objective is to prepare Women for the beautiful rite of passage they will undertake when they begin their journey to Motherhood.

So from the moment she decides she wants to get pregnant, I support her through all she needs to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually ready to have a child.

I have an holistic approach, bringing together my skills, experience and education, along with traditional knowledge passed down from generation to generation in many cultures, to help connect her to her innate sense of birth and Motherhood.

A Woman connected to her natural and innate abilities, is an empowered Woman, and an empowered Woman, leads to a happy, connected and empowered Mother.

Work With Me

Pregnancy and birth are both spiritual and transformative, and the more conscious and informed we are about exactly what happens during this period, then the better equipped we are to manage what happens when we emerge as Mothers on the other side.

I created my Conscious Birth Course © to do exactly that.

It informs, educates and empowers Mothers-To-Be and their birth partners so they can confidently step into birth.

By understanding what is happening scientifically in the body, we can learn how to trust it and begin to learn the tools and techniques to surrender and let go to the nature of birth with positive results.

My intuitive coaching programmes support Women at every step of their Motherhood journey, whether it’s preparing themselves mentally and emotionally for pregnancy with my Conscious Conception Programme, planning for life after birth with my Expectant Mother’s Programme or identifying and working through emotional shifts once they step into Motherhood with my Mother Empowerment Programme.

The way a Mother feels about herself and her new role in life is important to me, as for me it’s an integral part of how society is shaped. To look after, nurture and support Mothers, is to consciously create a nurtured and supported society.

The Podcast

I believe that a lot has to shift societally and culturally to fully allow for Motherhood to be respected and supported in the way it needs to be. When we become Mothers, we are Mothers for life, and our experiences not only impact ourselves, but also our children and society as a whole.

There is currently a one dimensional view of Motherhood that is riddled with judgment and fuelled by comparison, and birth is often seen as something to be feared and controlled, disempowering Women at the start of their journey.

In order to start to spread a more empowered and accurate idea of Motherhood I created my podcast “Motherhood, Redefined”. It’s aim is to spread knowledge and information far and wide from experts and change makers in the field such as Kimberly Ann Johnson, Dr Rebecca Moore, and Dr Alexandra Sacks to name a few, as well as interviewing Mothers who are making inspired change in the world.

The more we can change the way society sees Mothers and Motherhood, then the more empowered Women will feel and so the better the future will be.

This is why my work, for me, is SO important. It’s more than just helping an individual, it’s about helping to shape the future we are building for ourselves and our children.

Thank you so much for being here, thank you for listening and never forget that as a Woman, it’s your birthright to have empowered birth and post birth experiences.

Love always,


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